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Family loses everything in fire

July 23, 2019

Family needs your help!

One of the families housed through SHC’s housing voucher program recently lost all their possessions in a fire. Candace, Gabriel, and their two children escaped the fire unscathed and are awaiting placement in a new home. Unfortunately they lost their two pets. They have already received donations of clothing, diapers, toys, and pet food (for the new puppy someone gave them!). A generous SHC donor has donated a set of couches. However, once they move into a new apartment, the family will need basic items to set up their home. We are asking that if you have any of the following items to donate to please contact us at or call 505.255.3643.

Dining/Kitchen Table and Chairs


Vacuum Cleaner

Bed Linens


Kitchen items – dishes, pots and pans, towels, utensils, cooking utensils


Cleaning items

Clothes for the entire family – the boy wears a 5T and the girl is 3 months old

Crib or playpen

Additional toys (balls, bats, puzzles, books etc.)