Board & Staff


Click on the name and title of each staff member to learn more about them!

Chas T.
Intake Services Liaison

Daniel W.
Property Manager,
Vista Gallinas Apartments

Debbie D.
Chief Administrative Officer


Don D.
Maintenance Technician
Vista Gallinas Apartments

Donna M.
Community Services Manager

Dustin T.
Housing & Services Coordinator

Enzo G.
Housing and Services Coordinator

Ernest M.
Maintenance Technician
Sunport Plaza

Gerrid P.
Senior Accountant

John G.
Director of Housing and Services

Joscylyn H.
Chief Compliance Officer
CEO and President

Lucynda C.
Accounting Technician

Martha Y.
Housing & Services Coordinator

Natalie M.
Associate Director for Asset Management

Robert D.
Associate Director of Facilities

Rob N.
Housing & Services Coordinator

Sylvia O.
Accounting Analyst

Vera C.

Property Manager
Housing & Services Coordinator


SHCNM adheres to the Open Meetings Standards. The Board of Directors meeting is held on the last Thursday of most months at 4 pm. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please call us at 505-255-3643 to confirm meeting details as they are subject to change.

SHCNM would like to recognize and thank our dedicated Board members. You are integral to our organization, and we deeply value your continued support. Your volunteerism, dedication, and contributions to SHCNM allows us to provide supportive, affordable, and permanent housing throughout New Mexico.

-Laura Chavez

Click on the name and title of each Board member to learn more about them!

John Myers

Director: John Myers
Attorney, Retired

Kathy Sumbry Wilkins

Kathy Sumbry-Wilkins
University of Phoenix

Ruth Juarez

Secretary: Ruth Juarez
Cradle to Career Policy Institute, UNM

If you are interested in serving on the board of directors, please submit a resume and letter of interest to the CEO, Laura Chavez.

Email: | Fax: 888.370.3898 | Mail: SHC, P.O. Box 27459, Albuquerque, NM 87125

“My Housing & Services Coordinator is amazing, loving, and caring.”

-Casita Bonita Participant