Joscylyn Huffmaster

Chief Compliance Officer

Joscylyn (she/her) has been with SHCNM since June 2016 and has served across nearly all departments in our organization including Asset Management, Finance, and Community Housing. She has her Master's in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor's in Psychology from Mississippi State University. Prior to relocating to New Mexico, Joscylyn worked for three years as a Fair Housing Specialist in Las Vegas, Nevada at Silver State Fair Housing Council, a non-profit agency advocating for Fair Housing throughout the state of Nevada under the HUD Fair Housing Initiatives Program, where she prepared many cases for the HUD FHEO office. Prior to her work in Fair Housing, she spent three years as a Regional Housing Manager for a non-profit providing accessible housing to persons with disabilities, managing 18 properties in Nevada and California under the HUD 811 program. She also worked as a Property Manager for the Housing Authority of Clark County as well as for the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Mississippi State University managing student housing early in her career that has now spanned over two decades. Joscylyn is currently the Chief Compliance Officer, ensuring that SHCNM is compliant with all applicable laws, contracts, and regulations that relate to SHCNM's properties and programs.

She is a mom to a creative, smart, and beautiful seven-year-old daughter. Joscylyn is a classic Leo who loves swimming, creating artwork, and taking care of my inside cat family – Mau Mau, Mittens, Pandemic, and Murder Hornet, as well as her outside cat friends in the feral cat colony that resides outside of her house.