rob and kitty

Rob Nelson

Housing and Services Coordinator

Rob was born and raised in Iowa, moving to Minneapolis at the age of 29, he worked as a manager for Taco Bell for 8 years, then working at Merrill Corporation where he filed forms with the Securities Exchange Commission. In 2009, Rob moved to Albuquerque and started with HopeWorks, he then accepted a position at UNM psych hospital where he worked both inpatient and outpatient.  In 2017 he went to work for Albuquerque Police Department in the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team, or Crisis Outreach and Support Team).  Rob worked there until Dec. 2022, then went to Veterans Integration Center for a brief time, and because of a funding issue, his position as outreach specialist was eliminated.  He is excited to be here and is looking forward to being a part of the team. Rob also loves 50's and 60's cars.