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Help Mayor Keller Fight Homelessness

January 19, 2018

The City of Albuquerque conducted a homeless study in 2015 that showed that there were fewer people experiencing homelessness in Albuquerque than prior years. While this was a positive study, why isn’t this enough for our city and why must we do more to help homelessness in Albuquerque? Simply put, it is not enough because it was one of the biggest topics of discussion in the 2017 ABQ Mayoral Race; a call to action which our city must take seriously. We can do more Albuquerque, let’s fight homelessness. As the new Mayor, Keller plans to create “community paramedicine and engagement teams” bringing aid directly to street corners. Secondly, by increasing the amount of “housing first” programs in Albuquerque we will be able to get more people from streets, to homes, to offices. This can’t be done alone; we must band together to improve the beautiful city of Albuquerque.