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A Place of Love and Wellness

January 29, 2018

When Christine retired in 2015 due to a progressive bone disease, she found she couldn’t afford her apartment any longer. While she received Social Security income, her rent took up so much of her money she was left with only a few dollars a month on which to live. Then her case manager recommended SHC-NM’s Downtown @700-2nd apartments, where Christine was able to rent an apartment and pay a decreased rent because of her income. “I would be homeless if it weren’t for SHC,” Christine explains.

What Christine found was not just an apartment, but a place to thrive. She loves her apartment, which is easy for her to get around with her walker, and loves the support she gets here. “The rent is fair and the management team and service coordinators are invested in the tenants. The staff look out for me.”

Mostly, it is the community that Christine found that makes this place her home, particularly with staff that truly understand the people who live there. For her, the apartments are not just a place where you pay rent but “a place of love, wellness and no negativity; a place that helps you rediscover your strengths and find your life again.” And for someone like Christine who has been sober for nearly 20 years and has worked as a Certified Peer Support Specialist with people living with mental illness and/or substance abuse, that is indeed something to celebrate.